Deep Sleep: Recipe

CSNanaCat asked me how to make the crochet continuous square. Luckily for her, I know how to make one in single crochet. My double crochet attempts still need work because they keep bowing. I am pretty sure, it is because my corners are missing some stitches.

Here is the shorthand directions for making a crochet continuous square in single crochet

Round 1: ch 2. 8 sc in first chain. ss to close round.

Round 2: ch 1,

sc in same stitch; (sc, ch2, sc) in next stitch;
sc, (sc, ch2, sc),
sc, (sc, ch2, sc),
sc, (sc, ch2, sc),
ss to close round

Round 3 and on: sc across sides, and (sc, ch2, sc) in every corner…repeat to desired size

Caution: make sure you get the first single crochet after every (sc, ch2, sc)

Otherwise, the pattern is pretty straightforward.



Domino Dancing: Inception

Actually, I started this yesterday, but my rage was so intense I could not focus. I spent the day in bed, in the dark. For dinner I ordered in: $30 effin’ dollars for 2-topping medium pizza, chicken, cookie-brownie and a 20-ounce Coca-Cola from Dominos! Home-delivery robbery!

Here’s the humorous side of this project:

When I got the yarn, again from CSNanaCat, I thought it was pretty with it’s red/blue-thread-stripe. I have not yet performed a burn test, but I am pretty sure it is a natural fiber. As I began to work on it yesterday, I was able to discern other colors as well: orange, yellow and green, but in smaller distances.

My first thought at the rainbow flag hint was to name the shawl after a gay anthem, but today when I found my project on top of the pizza boxes from yesterday, the shawl reverted back to the blue/red striping because the shawl almost disappeared…not for reals.

Domino Dancing
Domino Dancing

Deep Sleep Afghan

Deep Sleep Afghan


Deep Sleep by The B-52’s

Sleep > afghan…get it? Did I mention I am going to see The B-52’s in October at The Greek Theater with Diane?

Deep Sleep Afghan

Constructed in single crochet with an E hook, I was going to donate to charity as I had received the yarn for free from CSNanaCat. However, as I know of a baby coming into this world, and having completed the afghan way ahead of delivery date, I am going to send to my friend and his wife as a gift for their infant.

I was going to add a solid white border in chenille, as well, but my fellow fiber artists thought white me too much of a contrast. They finally got me to agree on a light/silver grey. However, I don’t know now. I am done and should leave well enough alone.

Dimensions: approximately 25.5 inches square


Newton’s Yarn Country Chenille

Content: 10% Rayon
Care: Dry-clean or hand wash in cold with mild detergent. Air-dry.+

Having received this from CSNanaCat, I didn’t pay particular attention while cake-winding, but when I finally started the second hank, I noticed a difference in dye lots. Close up it’s less noticeable for all the colors, but in the picture a distinction is noticeable. Oh well!

+ Care is suggested care; laundry care not on yarn label.

ESSS 2018 World Wide Knit In Public Day

El Segundo Slipt Stitchers decided to congregate at the Starbucks in El Segundo, California from 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., today, June 9, 2018.

I met many members that I had not previously known, got to know some more familiar members a little better and enjoyed the company of members I normally hang with. It was a sunny day with a nice breeze. By the time the last hour had arrived, the sun was directly overhead, warming our chilled bodies.

Click and image for enlargement / slide show

An interesting thing happened while we were there; we were approached by Alicia King, a blogger from Camas, Washington, who was interested in community activities, and her friend Hillary Johnson. We educated her about the El Segundo Slipt Stitchers and shared our photo album with her. She informed us that she would be doing a blog post about us on her blog: JustAGirlInCamas; Facebook:

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World Wide Crochet In Public Day

World Wide Crochet In Public Day

I keep seeing World Wide Knit In Pubic Day notices in my Facebook newsfeed and I fee slighted that while the event claims to be all-inclusive – meaning other fiber crafts – that specific intent is not communicated in the title. If they are claiming to be all-inclusive why not change the title to World Wide Fiber Craft Day?

To that end, and as an original hooker – both ways – I can’t tolerate being dissed, slighted, so I have contact WWKIPD and the Crochet Guild of America inquiring on how to establish a World Wide Crochet In Public Day.

Open Quote


I would like to know how one person organized a world wide event because my ego demands that I leave something behind to mark my existence in this world before I am dust.

Seriously, while I do knit, I was originally a hooker – both kinds – and I always feel slighted when Knit events do not include the word Crochet as well, but “don’t mind crocheters in public.”

I am copying the Crochet Guild of America regarding this inquiry, but had to fill out a webform so their email is not present.

Thank you for any help, assistance, pointers.

Deep Sleep: Inception

Deep Sleep: Inception

I wish I could fall into a deep sleep and never wake again.

On the serious side, I would not figure out what to make with this Newton’s Yarn Country Chenille. The yarn label had not hook/needle size recommendations. I started on a six metal needle, but lost my patience with the yarn slippage. Next I tried a two carbon needle: too small. Finally, at a complete loss as to what I should make, I decided to crochet another single crochet afghan.

I think my mood is challenging my creative process; it certainly has zapped all enjoyment from my crochet/knitting.