Handmade Hat Giveaway!

Don’t know why I am feeling the urge to communicate, but let’s just “get back Honky Cat.

I have been dealing with a creative block lately, leaving me to rely on patterns to keep my mind busy, but it also provides for more free time to goof off doing – literally – doing nothing…such a waste.

Anyway, having donated 17 items to 2 charities today, I feel prompted to get back to something I set in motion…I owe someone a hat!

You'll Lose A Good ThingAbout two weeks ago my nephew came to visit with his family. I remembered that my niece had suggested making hats and that I had a whole bunch. I offered them as many as they wanted or would fit. My niece had picked up on the same sexual, subliminal message with You’ll Lose A Good Thing and we had shared a chuckle; even more so when that was the hat the fit my grand nephew the best. An interesting thing is that at eye level, the top portion is not even visible.

So after they left, they went to Home Depot and sent us this pic via phone. Picking up from another previous conversation, I came up with the name for this color: Home Depot Orange. More laughs.

Another Day

My niece also took Feel The Spin, Free Nelson Mandela and I Shall Believe. I just heard from her yesterday that her mother doesn’t take Free Nelson Mandela off and her sister loves Feel The Spin…so much I am going to make her another in stripes like Another Day, though I am inclined to try vertical stripes and change the pattern slightly for shaping.

Rata De Dos Patas was taken by my brother. It fit him well with the brim folded up; I only had to sew in two ends.


2009: Pussy Pink Afghan

Reconstructed blog post - for hooking posterity sake

The Name (BST*)

Pussy Pink Afghan

This is the first second thing I made once I resumed crocheting again. At about this time, I was going through another round of recovery – third?  fourth? Actually, the picture was from an acquaintance’s – discovering lately, my definition has changed – wedding shower party. I have always felt maladjusted, and had discovered my crochet, as a means of being present, but not really seen. It’s still my first defense. Sorry, I was reminiscing.


The name comes from Tania’s desire to include “Pussy Pink” into her afghan. Having no familiarity with “pussies or pussys,” I incorporated a range. As my luck would have it, the hottest pink was the one she had meant, the same color that I happened to – if I remember correctly – run out of, the manufacturer had discontinued.

The Afghan

Dimensions: approximately 4 x 6 feet

This afghan was created for my friend Tania Noval, who had requested something in, or with, “pussy pink.” Having no familiarity with pussies, much less their color, my interpretation was something along the lines of Hot Pink.

At this time, I had just resumed crocheting as a means to pass the time of a four-hour commute to, and from, work.

The Yarn

Unknown Wal-mart Pinks & White

Colors: Assorted Pinks & White; Content: Assorted Man-made fibers; Weight: 4, Worsted

I had biked over to the neighborhood Walmart, bought a plastic hook – because they looked cool – and some assorted acrylics in pink, plus white.

* before song titles

Poison Arrow: Off da Hook

The Name

Poison Arrow by ABC

Originally, I had named this Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered, as I was having a hard time improvising a chevron design. I finally found a pattern and modified it for my use. Once I started to see the pattern, it reminded me of Cupid’s arrows.

The Cowl

Dimensions: 40-inch Diameter x 7-inch width

Pattern: Granny Chevron Cowl by Zeens & Roger

The pattern was easy to follow. I did not want to make one as wide as the pattern indicated, so it took some time to figure out my starting chain number. After that, I had the pattern in my head by the second row.

Loved the new seaming idea.

I have a friend that expressed interest in this cowl, as I was making it. If she doesn’t want it, it will be donated to charity.

The Yarn

Lion Brand Homespun
Color: 375 Candy Apple & Passion Pink+; Content: 98% Acrylic, 2% Polyester; Weight: 5, Bulky

+ color designation by Hooker Leo, due to missing label
Poison Arrow
Poison Arrow

Black Cow

The Name

Black Cow by Steely Dan

A black name for a black cowl.

The Cowl

Dimensions: 22-inch diameter x 5-inch width

Cast on 80 stitches with a knit cast on. Worked seed stitch for the entire skein. Purl bind off.

I was shocked that it did not measure up, diameter-wise, to the first one I created. I will concede the Lion Brand Jiffy Thick & Quick was thicker and more stiff. The Lion Brand Hometown USA is much softer and pliable.

However, the shorter length is still double-wrap-able.

The Yarn

Lion Brand Hometown USA
Color: 153 Oakland Black; Content: 100% Acrylic; Weight: 6, Super Bulky

Black Cow

What Difference Does It Make: Update

Mom came to invite me to new year eve lunch. I accepted.

Once I recalled the location of What Difference Does It Make?, I showed it to mom , not expecting her to like it for all the bright colors. She loved it! I told her she could have it if she really liked it that much.

So, the “difference” is that between a charity donation and a gift!

Wow! I love that! Spiritual Coincidentiality!

Blue Savannah

The Name

Blue Savannah by Erasure

This is one of my anthems. I just love the crescendos in this song and Erasure always has such interesting bridges; besides, “it has a good beat that you can dance to.” :D

Blue Savannah

The Scarf

Dimensions: 94.5 x 6.5 inches

Cast on thirty one stitches and worked arrowhead lace from this excellent online tutorial. After about four pattern repeats, I had the pattern committed to memory, so it was a fairly easy knit. The length of the scarf was determined by the amount of yarn – used up entirely to avoid any scraps.

This will be a gift for my primary care physician, who deserves more than this for putting up with me, especially when I am enraged.

Not a consideration when I began, but I hate the way stockinette knitting curls up. This lace design has spines which enforce the curling by folding. I steamed it and it helped. I didn’t want to get carried away and end up melting the acrylic.

Lastly, when I received the yarn it was a donation in a box with some other stuff. When I opened the box, I was hit with a cigarette smoke bomb. Even as I write this, I can smell it all over again. I hate the thought of washing lace, so I took it over to my mom and asked her to smell the scarf: she smelled nothing, so I just gave it a good steaming. The box with the other yarn is outside airing out!

The Yarn

Viana Perla DK
Color: 189 [Tourquoise*]; Content: 82% Acrylic, 15% Wool, 3% Polyester; Weight: DK

This yarn is gorgeous, but a pain to work with because of all the hairy fibers and their ability to lock on to each other, making tinking/frogging more difficult. And believe me, with lace there is always one occasion to frog and many to tink. The one good point about this yarn: you don’t have to worry about your tails unraveling!

Blue Savannah

Black Is Black

The Name

Black Is Black by Los Bravos

One of my all-time favorite songs. So happy I finally had an opportunity to use it for a project.

The Scarf

Dimensions: 4 x 78 inches (approximate)

Holy crap! I didn’t realize how long this scarf was getting; I only needed a sixty-six-inch length. Oh well, I only had two skeins and didn’t want to have any scraps.

Construction: 16 Stitch cast on and knitted in garter on US 10.5 needles.

Recipient: N. Sabeti

I met Ms. Sabeti during my first radiation rounds back in 2015(?). She was so nice and beautifully striking due to her Persian-looks; I think I may have a crush on her. When I discovered, by experience, that she spoke multiple languages interchangeably, I was super impressed!

When I went to my new radiation center recently for a second occurrence, I was so please do discovered that Ms. Sabeti had migrated over to this new center. We got to talking and she commented that I had never made something for her. Wow! I was so pleased, I returned to my next visit with some options (all in black, per her color choice).

The Yarn

Lion Brand Fun Fur

Color: 153 Black
Content: 100% Polyester
Weight: 5, Bulky

Black Is Black