der Kommissar

The Name

der Kommissar by Falco

Random selection from my music library.

The Square Motif

Feeling more secure with my intuitiveness, I did not use stitch markers this time, relying on my counting skills alone. I still am not “square.” Again, can I blame the different weights?

The spinal improvements where single slip stitches with the new color only. I think the only way to really alleviate that is to leave the last stitch live for old color. Will investigate with next square.

The Yarn

Mixed unidentified yarns.


Square Pegs

The Name

Square Pegs by The Waitresses

Wow! This takes me back. Remember the television show? I thought it was so cool that The Waitresses were performing the theme song. Anyway, “square” motifs = “square” pegs.

The Squares

They are supposed 12-inch squares. The one with the bigger red field is; the other is 12 inches x 11 inches, depending on which axis I stretched last…AIYAA! I blame this on the different weights of yarn I used.

The scary part is that I may be the next candidate for early-stage dementia; I could not – for the life of me – remember how to make the squares in this pattern. That’s why the spine is so pronounced; I was ending each row with the old and new yarn to close up the holes.

Finally, and again, because I used different weights, one is 45 stitches square while the second is 43 stitches square.

The Yarn

Unknown Mixed Content from a bag o’ scraps.


The Name

Pain by Oingo Boingo

So bored and on the verge of an emotional breakdown from the PAIN this tongue lesion is causing: emotional: don’t know what lesion is, or cause and physical: inability to eat or monitor my saliva.

The Cowl

Dimensions: 10-inch diameter x 5-inch width

Charity donation.

Crocheted in single crochet just to use up this awful stuff, although crochet was probably not the intended manufacturing purpose.

I’ll admit I got sloppy. My tails are unraveling and obvious. I don’t care. If it is not appreciated it can be discarded without my knowledge and the world will continue to spin.

The Yarn

Unknown Ribbon

Content: Natural Fiber, per burn test
Color: [Off-white+]
Weight: Unknown

The last of the ribbon yarn. I figured why not get rid of it altogether.


Money Can’t Buy It: On da Hook

Good morning crocheters and knitters!

Yesterday had I not had my new project – Money Can’t Buy It – with me, I would have most likely had a nervous breakdown.

My day started by going to the wrong address for my housing appointment. Using Uber, I really can’t afford extra trips, especially when they are during peak periods, and I find it hard to tolerate Uber pool riders that feel the car is there personal vanity. Practicing tolerance, I did not engage him at all.

Surprisingly, Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles (HACLA) is very efficient and I was out in time to make my psychological appointment. However, I encountered the rudest driver on the way to my doctor’s office, who wanted me to exit his vehicle because I questioned the destination. I only questioned him because we were heading south and west when my destination was actually north and east. Ultimately, I don’t think he was aware that I was a contract ride through insurance, not Joe Schmoe who called Lyft on their own.

So, three squares later, I am on my way to making a bag/purse; most likely, for me. So…Money Can’t Buy It.

Charity Donations: Round 2

So, what am I donating?

I was able to fit scarves, cowls and afghans into my favorite bin. Everything has been tagged with project name and fiber content on the back of my old business cards. Of course, the phone is wrong, but hey, I might attract more followers.

Shut up! It could happen :D :D :D

Charity Donations: Scarves, Afghans, Cowls

Here is a complete list:


Shattered Dreams
Oakland Raiders
One In Ten
Halloween Spooks
I Had A Dream I Was Falling Through A Hole In The Ozone Layer
Purple Rain


Thrift Shop
Black Or White
Hound Dog
I’ve Got You Under My Skin
Jean Genie
Let’s Go Fly A Kite
Ease On Down The Road


Crocodile Rock
Midnight At The Oasis
I Feel Free
Sweet Dream (Are Made Of This)
If Love Is A Red Dress (Hang Me In Rags)
I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Here are the shawls, which I will get to next month. I am actually notice more room in my garage residence. The funny thing is that while i tagging everything for charity, I decided to keep the more quality fibers for myself…like…

Charity Donations: Shawls

Nepalese Bliss
Fade Away and Radiate
Strawberry Fields Forever Water Dragon Shoulder Wrap
Holiday In Cambodia
Felix The Cat

Man! I Feel Like A Woman!

Great name for my next project: a crochet purse or bag for marketing, yarn, projects, etc. I have about ten cakes of this Pingouin Fil d’E’cosse No 3. I don’t know how big or how many bags I will make.

Rectangle? Square? Round? What shape should I make?

At first I was thinking market bags, but I didn’t see any I really liked. However, that would use the least amount of yarn and allow me to make more than one bag.

I think I have worked it out…market bags for charity!